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Cologne - Erftstadt, Germany

grow your business. world wide without limits. 

about ou branch

About us.

This is where all the threads come together, our main office in Cologneis also for all other offices   a node and an interface for all projects worldwide. 

In 2018 our company was founded by Maximilian Laub and
Nico Miller was founded near Cologne in Erftstadt and has had its main office here ever since. Since  2020 we are also represented with a branch in downtown Cologne. 

In just a few years, our young company has developed into an important player on the international market. More than 150 customers worldwide count on our competence and our large experienced team.  

We have always been working every day, across Europe, Asia and North America, on the unlimited  success of our customers 
and take care of more customers, more sales, business development & expansions for our customers. 


Our head consultants our management and administration is based.  From here all projects worldwide are coordinated, we count on our international competence, so our colleagues in all branches and the local consultants always work closely with our main office and others branches together.

pur global services

Our markets and global services.

Our markets extend across Europe, Asia and North America, with our focus on Central Europe and the CIS area. Our offices in Germany, Holland, the Balkan region, the entire CIS sector, 
Central Asia, as well as China and North America.  In addition to our large remote team, we rely on local teams in the individual branches and have thus gained geographical and industry-wide expertise in the various branches over the years Country markets and regions established. 

Globally and locally we support our customers in the areas 
Marketing. Sales. Business development and expansions

We don't see ourselves as a classic marketing agency, but as a problem solver.  We analyze, advise, design and implement.
We are all about the business development of our customers and about increasing sales, expansion and more customers. 

We grow businesses and develop our customers
locally and internationally.

EUROPE   is our largest market, we are represented in Germany, Holland and Eastern Europe with several locations. 
Europe as a whole is the most important economic sector worldwide.  Over 70% of the  companies of global importance, so-called "global players" are based and / or active in German-speaking Europe.   Throughout Europe, we support both local European customers with local challenges and with expansions into other country markets and regions, and we also support Asian companies that want to expand to Europe.
In German-speaking Europe alone, we have three locations and work with over 200 colleagues from more than 20 departments in various industries. 

CENTRAL ASIA   is probably the fastest developing economic sector in the world. With ourBranch in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, we are located right in the heart of Central Asia and the most important business location between Istanbul and Shanghai.  In addition to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan also fall within the "Central Asia" sphere of influence. We support local companies with innovative and internationally proven marketing & business development measures and strategies. 
We also support European companies to enter the market and expand their business in Central Asia, 
as well as Central Asian companies expanding to Europe.  Central Asia is a dream world in itself, an interplay of culture, modernity and economy, hardly any other region requires as much local network and market knowledge as Central Asia, all the more so we are proud that we have a monopoly on the local market. 

RUSSIA  and  CIS   are our geographically largest market areas. With our branch in Moscow, we look after the markets of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States. The region is an often underestimated economic sector.  Even after March 2021, the markets will not lose their importance, quite the opposite.  The Ukraine conflict is driving the markets and creates new challenges, but also new opportunities.  Large companies and medium-sized companies are also repositioning themselves and creating new structures and paths, our local teams in Moscow and Cologne work closely with various economic sectors, which is how our customers benefit especially in the business development area from our wide network and opportunities. Our local team speaks Russian, Ukrainian, German, English and Estonian. 

CHINA  and  EAST ASIA   are important markets. The international trading business in particular is booming. We support our customers in expanding from China to Europe and establishing their products or services on the market and building brands on the market. The most important topics are international marketing, image and  PR, as well as business development,   consulting abroad and  creating and supporting networks.

NORTH AMERICA   is serviced through our Toronto office. 
The markets of the USA and Canada are busy and innovative markets with many opportunities. We support Asian and European companies in international marketing and market development in North America,  We also support American companies in Europe & Asia. 

Our team and how we work.

Our team is characterized by international and intercultural competence, extensive experience with major customers from various industries and the successful implementation of innovative measures. We rely on many local teams at many locations in Europe, Asia and North America. Together we form a large international family of experts with a worldwide network and unbeatable, international swarm of competence. In total, more than 250  consultants, marketing psychologists, business development professionals, marketing strategists and operative marketing specialists work every day on the success of our customers around the world. Join us on the road to success. 


+49 (0) 221 / 292473 60 
+49 (0) 15129880188 

We speak:  German, English, Russian

ARTIS selling Group Head Office 
Bonner Ring 28a, 50374 Erftstadt -Cologne 

ARTIS selling Group Cologne city center 
Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne

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