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Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

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Marketing and  Business Development - Experts for Eurasia.

The largest German-Russian marketing & Business Development  Consulting agency in the Russian Federation. 

about ou branch

About the market and us.

Our office in central Moscow is an important location  for us and our 150+ clients. From Moscow, we look after the country markets in the northern CIS region, including Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States. Moscow is the gateway to the West for all Russian companies doing business with Europe and North America and for all European companies doing business in the  North CIS area.


The Russian market is facing major challenges, the market is turbulent and in a phase of change. 
As a result, the market has become even more interesting for foreign companies in the medium term, new opportunities are opening up and new market gaps are developing.  Nevertheless, the Russian market traditionally remains a market with a lot of market knowledge, cultural understanding and network and Contacts required.   Our local team is experienced in working on the Russian and foreign markets, with / and in various industries. Taken together, our  
Colleagues for the Russian market with more than 100 years of experience in consulting, marketing and business development and expansion. Thanks to our large network in Russia and the EU, we are an indispensable partner for Russian and European customers when it comes to developing and expanding their business internationally or locally. 

our local services

Our services and 
local competences

for local businesses

Innovative and internationally proven marketing strategies and concepts for new customer acquisition from our experience from all over the world. 

Innovative marketing & sales measures,
advice and implementation.

Local marketing, sales & business development strategies and projects for new customer acquisition and market expansion in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States. 

Advice and support for expansion, new customer acquisition and market expansion abroad, Europe, Asia and North America. 

for international / foreign companies

International & regional marketing.
Marketing and strategy advice for your market development and expansion in Russia and the
CIS countries.

Business Development & Sales for the Russian with our contacts and networks, as well as our international expertise. 

Market analysis and conception of business development and marketing concepts for your business on the Russian market. 

Advice and support for medium-sized and large companies from Europe, in Russia. 

Our team & how we work.

Our team is characterized by international and intercultural competence, extensive experience with major customers from various industries and the successful implementation of innovative measures -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   A total of over 250  consultants, marketing psychologists, business development professionals, marketing strategists and operative marketing specialists work every day worldwide to ensure the success of our customers. Join us on the road to success. 


+49 221 292473 60 (c
entral line)

We speak:  German, Russian, English, Ukrainian, Polish

ARTIS selling Group Moscow
Mr. Andrey Nekrsaov

Managing Director Russia & cis

ARTIS selling Group Moscow
Pollars Business Center

Ul. Derbenevskaya 11b 
114115 Moscow-City (Russian Federation)

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