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Management & Team Consulting.

Workshops & Training.

Congresses & courses.



We advise managers and department heads on technical issues relating to Marketing & Sales strategically and operationally. Our large international team is active for you worldwide.

Marketing & Sales



Interactive workshops in various designs for groups of 2-20 people locally or internationally, from 1-5 days.
Collect individual impulses with changing trustees in order to optimize independent work.

Marketing Training Consulting Germany customer 300


Together with your marketing team, we train the application and development of innovative marketing and advertising opportunities and strategies from all over the world - all over the world.

Marketing Kongress



 Learning to apply innovative solutions and strategies together and being introduced to new innovations. Especially at international congresses abroad, you and your team will get a feeling for foreign marketing and can take many influences with you

Get in touch with us and let´s check out your need´s & requirements. 

Of cause we can agree non-binding first meeting to give you an impulse how we can help you and your team. 

SUCCESS consists in having exactly the skills that are needed at the moment.

- Henry Ford -




options for you. Simple get in touch.



held regularly in large or small groups.

Social Media & Digital Marketing Workshop 

For 2 - 25 Colleagues / Availiable in: Europe & CIS

2-3 Days intensive & interactive training, basics, strategies, tools & innovative options (+ "how to low down digital marketing costs")


starting from 219€ per day

International Marketing Excursions & Congresses

For 2 - 50  Colleagues / Availiable for customers world wide.

Discover international Marketing Strategies and / or Market & Expansion Options together with a team of international and local professionals. 

With our Team you can visit:   1. Central Europe (Germany & Netherlands) 

2. East Europe (Croatia & Serbia) / 3. CIS (Russia) /

4. Central Asia (Uzbekistan & Kazachstan) / 5. Middle East (Dubai, Turkey)

starting from 429€ + tickets

Consulting & Training Programm "Optimize Marketing Costs"

For 1-3  Colleagues / Availiable in: Europe & Central Asia 

1-2 days of data collection, extensive analysis of the expenses, the indexes and the ROI by our team with the involvement of in-house managers, followed by a 2-day conference and workshop for thread finding and optimization possibilities

starting from 1.570€

Inbound -Marketing Consulting, Training & Workshop

For 3-300  Colleagues / Availiable in: Europe, CIS  & Central Asia 

Inbound marketing is extremely important to keep customers satisfied and to turn them into returning customers. Unfortunately, inbound marketing is often neglected or given too little attention.
We advise you and your team, evaluate current structures, optimize and train with workshops. (3-5 days).

starting from 370€ per day

Analysis & Work Shop of Key Marketing Strategy 

For 2-8  Colleagues / Availiable in: Europe, CIS  & Central Asia 

2-3 day analysis of the current situation followed by 3-4 days elaboration, assessment and operational training for new innovative core strategies in your marketing & sales..

starting from 270€ per day

Analysis & Work Shop Influencer Marketing

For 2-10  Colleagues / Availiable in: Europe, CIS  & Central Asia 

How do I find the right influencer for my company, what budget do I have to plan, how can I optimize the cost and effectiveness of influencer marketing in my company ... We will clarify these and other questions in our 2-3 day workshop with your marketing team .

starting from 270€ per day